Phosplatin Therapeutics is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company FOunded by two entrepreneurs, based on over twenty years of work by the inventor. We are currently developing phosphaplatins, a family of rationally designed small-molecule agents for the treatment of cancer.

The lead agent, PT-112, combines apoptotic and immunogenic properties in combating cancer, along with an exceptional tolerability profile. It was rationally designed to avoid the toxicity and drug resistance mechanisms common to conventional chemotherapy.  Because of its unique properties,  PT-112 is being investigated in both solid tumors and hematological malignancies.


Since inception, the company has built a robust program through a variety of investigations of these novel compounds. Our collaborations with pharmaceutical partners, universities and contract research organizations range across Fourteen countries.

PT-112 is the subject of three concurrent Phase i / ii clinical studies. THe first-in-human phase i study was honored as the best poster presentation among all developmental therapeutics at the european society of medical oncology (ESMO) 2018 annual meeting in munich, germany.

Our aim is to develop safe, effective and impactful new therapies for cancer patients around the world.


To learn more about us, please enjoy the video below: