Phosplatin Therapeutics is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing phosphaplatins, a family of rationally designed small molecules for the treatment of cancer.

Platinum therapies are used by 50% or more of cancer patients worldwide – they are in many ways the backbone of medical oncology.

The phosphaplatin family of compounds is the result of decades of investigation by the inventor. PT-112, the lead agent, has first-in-class potential on the basis of its unique molecular pharmacodynamics, tolerability, and feasibility for treatment of platinum-resistant patients across numerous solid tumor indications.


Since inception, the company has built a robust data package through a variety of investigations of these novel compounds. Our collaborations with pharmaceutical partners, universities and contract research organizations range across thirteen countries.

The ongoing Phase I study of PT-112 is led by the investigational cancer therapeutics group at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, along with three other U.S. sites.

Under a collaborative agreement with SciClone Pharmaceuticals for rights in China and Vietnam, PT-112 is also the subject of a Phase i / ii combination study recently launched in taiwan.

Our aim is to bring these agents to the market as quickly as possible, providing a safe, effective and affordable new therapy to cancer patients around the world.