The “phosphaplatin” family of compounds are the result of a rational drug development process, which resulted in advantages of tolerability and avoidance of drug resistance. 

The Lead candidate, PT-112, is a novel chemical entity under clinical development, which combines a remarkable safety profile with apoptotic and immunological properties in combating cancer.

Clinical data generated to date in an ongoing dose escalation study sustain the notion of a positive therapeutic index, with a range of biological activity observed in several tumor types across well-tolerated dose levels

research into the compounds' mechanism of action has revealed highly nuanced features: extrinsic activation of apoptosis, cell cycle inhibition at the G1 / S transition, and the hallmark signals of immunogenic cell death induction, with synergistic effects observed in research models when used in combination with several classes of established and emerging standard of care treatments, including immune checkpoint inhibitors.
these features combined represent a new paradigm: a first-in-class pyrophosphate-conjugated platinum therapeutic agent, which is under development alone and in combination across solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

Our belief is that PT-112 will play a vital role in contemporary anti-cancer care, with potential as the best-in-class ICD inducing agent, capable of treating both solid tumors and hematological malignancies and turning non-responders to Immune-oncology treatment into responders through safe and impactful combination.